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Psalm Prayers for Every Mood

In times of sorrow, distress and difficulty:









































  Trust in God under stress - (from Psalm 3)
Burn out - (from Psalm 17)
My life is in your hands - (from Psalm 31)
Taste and See - (from Psalm 34)
Be still - (from Psalm 46)
Danger - (from Psalm 91)

Reflection from Psalm No. 3

Lord, the problems that beset me daily are many.
My dependence on you,
My simple faith in your loving way,
Is constantly under pressure.

And yet, Lord, you are the shield that protects me.
Encircled by your love,
You enfold me with concern,
Your strength supports me.

Past experience has assured me,
That as often as I cried our for help,
My prayer found audience.
Now, I reach out, once more,
You are close to me,
You hear and respond.

Awake or asleep, I am not troubled by the disputes I encounter.
The conflicts in my life will never separate me from you.

For you are able to salvage
All that imperils my friendship with you.
In your own good time, Lord,
You will set me free.

'Salvation is of the Lord;
Your blessing be upon your people!' PS 3:9

Glory be...

Reflection from Psalm 17


Lord, I believe I have a just complaint,
Hear my story, don't let me down.
I have always tried to play fair.
Never have I resorted to the physical

I have kept my feet firmly on your paths,
Championed your cause, proclaimed your word.
You have told me of your love
In the words of your Book;
But true love is shown
Not only in words, but in deeds.
Now surprise me with your grace, and
Bless me with your help!
Those I serve don't appear to respond.
They seem indifferent to your word.
I reach out in concern and I am cold-shouldered,
They just don't want to know me.
Lord, I am weary of well-doing,
I feel burnt out.

Now, guard me as the apple of your eye.
Hide me in the shelter of your care.
Encourage me in the work I am doing,
That inner peace, you alone can bring.
I know that one day, I shall see your face,
And be filled with the sight of your glory.

'Guard me as the apple of your eye.
Hide me in the shadow of your wings
As you fly over me.' Psalm 17:8

Glory be...

Reflection from Psalm No. 31


Lord, I have passed through tough times.
The props that I thought would sustain me,
Have been knocked from beneath me:
I have collapsed like a tent unpegged.

Now my health is broken from sorrow.
I have become weak from grief,
My years drained away in sadness.
I feel like a broken crock.

Now there is nowhere else to go,
Nothing to cling to'
No foothold to balance,
My faltering steps.

I recall that in past times,
You took pity on my weakness.
You took note of my affliction,
Heeded my soul's distress.

Be now a cave of refuge for me,
A mighty stronghold to save me.
For your name's sake,
I will rejoice and be glad of your kindness.

I look only for your guidance, My fate is in your hand.

'Cheer up! Be brave!
Take courage if you trust in the Lord.' Psalm 31:24

Glory be ...

Reflection from Psalm No 34


The praise of the Lord is always on my lips.
Come and rejoice with me,
For he is ever gracious and kind,
All who are discouraged take heart!

I cried out to the Lord in my anguish and he responded.
I shed tears in vexation over the hassle I went through, but he was near me, my firm support.

What the Lord has accomplished for me, he can fulfil in you.
He is close to the broken-hearted. Those whose spirits are crushed he will save.

Enter into his presence, He will fill your emptiness with abundance, strengthen your weakness with his power.

Taste and prove it; the Lord is good.
He is very near to those who suffer,
He reaches out to rescue hose battered down by despair.

'Why do the faithful ones have to suffer?'
the anxious query of innocent souls.

'Taste and see that the Lord is good.
They are happy who seek refuge in him.' Psalm 34:9

Glory be.....

Reflection from Psalm No. 46


God is our refuge and our strength.
He is a sure help in days of trouble.
Even when the world seems to dissolve in chaos, and
Nations are wracked by wars;
Yet, I will never doubt that our Great King is with us.
He has come to save us.

He counsels me,
'Wait quietly, and you shall have proof that I am God.'
Hurry blinds me to your presence.
Feverish activity allows no time for you.
Only in the peace of my soul do I recognise you.
Only in the silence of my heart can I worship you.

Soothe my emotions;
Heal my anxiety;
Allay my fears.

'Be still! and know that I am God.'
He is our refuge and our strength. PS 46:10

Glory be....

Reflection from Psalm No. 91


We live under the shade of the Almighty.
We are sheltered by the God
Who is above all gods.
All our days are under his care.
His providence, like eagle's wings,
Shields us.
He orders his angels to protect us
On life's singled trail,
They signpost the way.
We need not be afraid of the dark, or
Fear dangers in broad daylight.

As we wake each morning,
We hear his reassuring words:

'Because you cling to me in love,
Know me as I really am, and
Talk to me as friend to friend.
I will deliver you,
Protect you, because
You acknowledge my name.' PS 91:14

Glory be...


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