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Psalm Prayers for Every Mood

Praising God our Creator:

































  Repentance - (from Psalm 25)
Before reconciliation - (from Psalm 32)
The old enemy - (from Psalm 57)
Compassion - (from Psalm 103)

A Cosmic hymn - (from Psalm 8)
More precious than gold - (from Psalm 19)
The Lord is Holy - (from Psalm 99)
Dependence - (from Psalm 147a)

Reflection From Psalm No. 8


O Lord, our Master,
How the majesty of your name fins all the earth!
Your greatness overflows the heavens.
I observe the images of your craftsmanship
And the sound of your glory at every approach.

The work of your fingers,
The moon to mark our calendar, and,
On the parchment of the heavens,
You imprint the signature of your stars.
Even the chuckle of babes and the laughter of children
Spell out your name in so many ways.
'I look around and the world is full of God.'
What then is Adam's breed that it should claim your care?

I ponder in amazement my Creator's involvement with me,
That he cares about me,
Moulding me in his image,
Placing me only a little below the angels

The glory and honour which gleam from the human soul,
Outshines all other reflections of your majesty,
In the depths of the sparkling heavens
You have fashioned humankind
As finite lord of the universe!

You, Lord, have given us faculties
To hear and understand you.
Sharing with us your creative activity,
You give us power over the work of your hands.

God our God, how glorious is your name over all the earth!' Ps 8:9

Glory be ...

Reflection From Psalm No. 19


See how the skies make known the glory of God!
How the vault of heaven declares
His craftsmanship!
Wherever I am, wherever I travel,
I can perceive something
Of the majesty of our God.

The magnificence of the mountains,
The immensity of the oceans,
The fascination of outer space,
All announce the power of God.

Even amid the bustle of our teeming cities, Are reflections of the work of his hands; He makes his presence known throughout the universe.

The Lord has made his eternal truths known
From his word, and his law
Printed on the heart of humankind.
These precepts which direct us on the paths of peace.

He has given substance to my life,
Placed before me the goal of this creation.
Fulfilling humanity's greatest needs,
He has answered our deepest yearnings.

All these are more precious than gold,
Sweeter than honey dripping from its comb.

My pilgrim way on this planet
Presents no smooth path.
Plagued by lapses and hidden faults,
I stumble daily.
Yet your love and your grace sustains me.

'May the spoken words of my mouth,
The thoughts of my heart,
Win favour in your sight, O Lord,
My rescuer, my rock!' Psalm 19:14

Glory be…

Reflection from Psalm No 99


The Lord is King!
All nations stand in awe at his presence!
He sits between the guardian angels.
Let the whole earth tremble
Before the majesty of your pervasiveness.

Let all peoples hallow your holy name,
Because integrity is found in all you do.
Let all humanity bow before you in worship.

You, Lord, my king, are holy,
With a holiness beyond all my experience.
I have only images of your essence
Within the limits of my mind;
The purity of a mountain stream,
The path of the clouds,
The star-studded sky,
The falling of the pristine snow.

I ask for the sense of your holiness
To pervade my being.
I ask to be touched
With a spark of your fire.

'Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might,
Heaven and earth are full of your glory.
Hosanna in the highest.' From the liturgy.

Glory be ...

Reflection from Psalm No. 147A


Our great God knows the number of stars,
He calls each orbit by name.
The same Lord it is who heals the
Broken hearted and binds up their wounds.

His greatness is matched only by his tenderness,
While his strength parallels his mercy.

The Lord appoints the times and seasons.
He covers the sky with rain-clouds.
He refreshes the earth
With water for its fruits.

He is the harvester of all living things.
He supplies provisions for all his creatures.

Such is God's loving care and providence for all creation.
Well merited the praise and gratitude of
His children who understand
Their dependence on him.

Call me by my name, Lord,
As you call the stars in heaven.
And one day, use my name to call me
To your side forever.

'The Lord sets the number of stars,
Gives to all of them their names.' Psalm 147:4

Glory be...



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