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Psalm Prayers for Every Mood

For us sinners:





























  Repentance - (from Psalm 25)
Before reconciliation - (from Psalm 32)
The old enemy - (from Psalm 57)
Compassion - (from Psalm 103)

Reflection From Psalm No. 25


All my heart goes out to you,
Don't fail me, Lord, for I am trusting you.
After the degradation of defeat
I look to you for kindness and support.

Don't let my sinfulness triumph,
My failures gain the victory over me.
Bring light to the darkness in my heart,
Some reason for my very being.

Have you kept a record of my misdeeds?
Then overlook my youthful sins,
How many they are!
Oh, forgive them for the honour of your name.

Look upon my emptiness and loneliness,
Consider kindly my afflictions and despair.
Remember the never ending presence,
Of human fragility, unwholesome passion.

Relieve this heart of mine of its burden,
Deliver me from my distress.
Look kindly in judgement on my sin,
My grevious sin.

O Lord of mercy,
I realise my guilt is great,
Heal those who humbly reach out to you.
See my sorrows.
Feel my pain.
Forgive my sins.
Restore me to yourself.
Watch over me
Lest I fall again.
'Remember, O Lord, your mercy and faithful love,
For they are from the beginning of the world.' Psalm 25:6

Glory be…

Reflection from Psalm No. 32


What happiness for those whose guilt has been forgiven!
What joy when transgressions are buried deep!
What relief for those who have confessed their sins!
What peace when God has cleared their record!

As a mother loves and pities
The weak child of her womb,
So does the Lord who made us,
Love and pity each child of Adam.

There was a time when I wouldn't admit what a sinner I was.
I kept my sins secret, ignoring them, rationalising them.
Not telling the truth only made me sad.
My strength was dried up, as though parched by a summer's heat.
But now, I have acknowledged my sins.
My guilt I did not hide.
I long to be transparent to myself and to you.
I will be my own accuser and say:
'I will confess my offence to the Lord.'
And you forgave me!
All my guilt is gone.

'Don't be like a senseless horse or mule
That needs a bit in its mouth to keep it in line!' PS 32:9

Glory be....

Reflection from Psalm No. 57


Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy!
Here is a soul who puts its trust in you.
I will take refuge under the shelter
Of your wings, till the disaster passes.

My days are full of care,
I am weary of the demands
That are made upon me,
My spirit bowed down in distress.

I am always afraid
Of losing the battle
To the old enemy within;
My own weaknesses and failures.

But today, Lord, My heart is quiet and confident;
I like to greet the morning with song!

Show your presence through all I encounter. I will thank the Lord throughout this day.

'I mean to thank you among the peoples, To sing your praise among the nations. For your love reaches to the heavens And your truth to the skies.' Psalm 57:10

Glory be ...

Reflection from Psalm No. 103


Remember all the Lord has accomplished for you.
He pardons all your sins and over body and soul
He extends his healing hands.

Your very bones will rejoice
As you feel the blessing of his mercy,
In the depth of your being.
He is merciful and tender towards
Those who don't deserve it.
He is slow to get angry and
Rich in faithful love.
The Lord acts with integrity. He is compassionate towards
All who are oppressed.

You will feel your youth renewed, As the eagle's plumage is restored.
As far as the east is from the west,
So far does he remove our offences from us.

'He is like a father to us.
He is tender and kind to those who honour him.' Psalm 103:13

Glory be ...



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